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Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Flipkart CEO: Profile, Family, Wife and Wiki

In recent few years, India’s biggest ecommerce platform Flipkart is going through lots of organizational restructuring. Two years back, Sachin Bansal, a co-founder, was succeeded by another co-founder Binny Bansal as the CEO of Flipkart. In January, 2017, another restructuring has been done and Kalyan Krishnamurthy was assigned the role of Chief Executive Officer while Binny Bansal was given the responsibility of overseeing all group companies – Flipkart, Myntra and PhonePe.

Profile of Kalyan Krishnamurhty

Kalyan is regarded as a doyen of ecommerce business. He has deep understanding of day to day businesses in this sphere and many industry analysts believe that he is the best bet Flipkart has if it want to stop the stupendous rise of Amazon in the Indian market.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy has done MBA from University of Illinois and later got another MBA from Asian Institute of Management. He joined Procter and Gamble in the Supple Chain Finance section and started to get attention. eBay poached him from P&G and gave him many tough responsibilities. Kalyan had always justified the trust and responsibility given to him at eBay where he worked for around 6 years in various capacities.

Tiger Global Management, a reputed investment firm based out of New York hired him in 2011. Two years later, Tiger sent him to Flipkart at the position of Head – Category Design. And, now, he is the CEO of Flipkart.

Kalyan Krishnamurthy is considered as the key lieutenant of Lee Fixel – the Chief of Tiger Global, which is the largest shareholder of Flipkart. Lee Fixel is also called as the God Father of Flipkart as he always went a step ahead to keep this Bangaluru based ecommerce venture to alive. However, the mounting losses by Flipkart since last few years had become a matter of concern. Tiger Global can’t see its money getting wasted in such a huge market like India. Binny Bansal was increasingly being seen as a person who doesn’t have business acumen to take on a giant like Amazon. Tiger Global forced the management of Flipkart to accept its man as the CEO who should also be responsible for Profit and Loss of the organization. Being the largest shareholder, it was also not tough for them.

Salary of Kalyan Krishnamurthy

The salary details of Kalyan Krishnamurthy as the CEO of Flipkart has not been made public. It is expected that he will get much more than what Binny Bansal was getting. Further, Tiger Global may force Flipkart to give him some shares.

Wife of Kalyan Krishnamurthy

Kalyan Krishnamurthy is married and living in Bengaluru with his two daughters and wife. The name of his wife is not available in the public domain.

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  1. I don't think Flipkart can survive more than 2-3 years. Their strategies have never been and will never lead to making profits. The day smartphone market captured by rivals. They will be finished.

    A funny story of an incident:
    I was a geek, and do help others buying gazets. I was one of the few initial buyers of Flipkart, Who encouraged others to buy over online stores. One day I got a message that my order canceled automatically. I got an email regarding. your account is blocked for violation. You have multiple accounts. you are a retailer. I was in shock (how they said me a retailer) After a few twitter and phone calls. they say we can't do anything, It's an automatic system, which blocks such users automatically. So I asked her, ( Do you know what is Real-time Database, how instance works, How CMS links with the database). She said I don't know my department is to deal with complaints. and I can't resolve yours. I said thank you.

    As a web developer I knew some of the loopholes of Magento, so by some tricks, I restored my account, but after that day I stopped buying from Flipkart. Just because I can't trust them.

    Then I realized why these e-commerce players are facing losses.

    They think selling items on discount/loss by infusing capital from investors is the way to attract customers. And that was what gone wrong and still going wrong.

    Because any business runs on a relation, trust and support. Customers are not robots. And if you can't distinguish between genuine, loyal and fraud. then they are on the way to a trench.

  2. Flipcart will not only survive but take on the giant Amazon as well.

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    I don't think Flipkart can do ethical business. Last week I ordered for a Lenovo Phab2. The price quoted was Rs.9999/- Color: Grey, 10 Days Replacement, Seller: IndiFlashMart. The subsequent details are given below as to what Flipkart says.

    Item has been shipped.Ekart Logistics - FMPP0102294286
    Tue, 8th Aug 8:31 pm Aluva Shipment has reached the hub nearest to you.
    Tue, 8th Aug 8:31 pm Aluva Out of delivery area (Pincode-Address mismatch)
    Mon, 7th Aug 1:34 pm Aluva Out of delivery area (Pincode-Address mismatch)
    Sun, 6th Aug 7:20 am Aluva Received at Aluva Hub
    Sun, 6th Aug 12:59 am Aluva Dispatched to Aluva Hub
    Sat, 5th Aug 9:33 am Cochin Received at Cochin Transport Centre
    Fri, 4th Aug 4:15 pm Cochin Dispatched to Cochin Transport Centre
    Fri, 4th Aug 6:58 am Bengaluru Received at MotherHub_BLR
    Fri, 4th Aug 12:16 am Bengaluru Dispatched to MotherHub_BLR
    Fri, 4th Aug 12:01 am Bengaluru Received at Hoskote Sort facility
    Fri, 4th Aug 12:01 am Bengaluru Shipment in-scanned at Hoskote Sort facility
    Fri, 4th Aug 12:01 am Bengaluru Dispatched to Hoskote Sort facility

    This was a big lie. Today when I contacted the customer care, they said that they cannot deliver this since there was a pin code mismatch. At the same time another product in my same order was delivered. I have ordered for a Lenovo Phab2, back cover and tempered glass (which cancelled after seeing the reviews. The money also have been sent back to my account). Now I have the back cover without the phone. The delivery boy also confirmed that the concerned order has not reached Cochin. You are creating fake invoices to prove that you are when you are not doing the job. Look into your operations or else this is going to doom in days to come.
    My question is how long can a company survive in the industry by cheating customers. Maybe for some time. Look at how Snapdeal or Infibeam is struggling to survive. I worked for 2 decades with GSK and had a nice time working with them because it was an ethical company. I have shares of the company too. But Flipkart has grown tremendously but just wait it will crumble down if you are not ethical. This is going to be an excellent case study for my students in the MBA class room as to how unethical companies can be. Comment on this CEO. You can reach me at jacobpulikoden@gmail. com


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