Mahesh Shah: Profile, Family and Black Money Details

Narendra Modi onslaught against black money hoarders in India has given nightmare to many people. One of them is Ahmedabad based Mahesh Shah who declared a whopping cash at hand of Rs. 13, 860 Crores. Mr. Shah is a property dealer and hence this huge money raised eyebrows throughout India. How can a simple property dealer amassed such a huge amount of money? Obviously, the Income Tax Department got alert and raided the premises of Mr. Shah as well as his CA and Financial Advisory firm Appaji Ameen. There seems something seriously fishy in this entire drama and it looks that those black money belongs to someone else and Mahesh Shah was doing it all for some commission.

Profile of Mahesh Shah

Actually, Mahesh Shah had disclosed his black money through the Government Scheme – IDS – which lasted on 30th September. According to this scheme, the black money hoarder was not to be prosecuted if he pays all fines in various installments. And, here Mr. Shah had defaulted the first installment and went underground. After hiding for two days, he appeared in a news talk show of ETV 18 Network from where he was detained by Ahmedabad Police and Income Tax department.

Mahesh Shah is a reputed land dealer having business interests in various cities of Gujarat along with Mumbai and Pune. However, his income is not as such to hoard such a huge amount of money.

Actually, Mahesh Shah had disclosed income on the behest of someone else. When the date of the first installment of fine – Rs. 1560 Crores – came on 30th November, he found himself in an amazing quagmire. The person who had asked him to disclose Rs. 13, 860 Crores suddenly backed out and didn’t give him the fine to be deposited to the IT department. IT department sleuths started to search him and he had to go underground.

Mahesh Shah is expected to disclose the name of persons who had asked him to disclose this much money for a commission. He just said that those people are businessmen and politicians.

Family of Mahesh Shah

Mahesh Shah is married and has one son and a daughter. His wife is suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment in Mumbai. It is said that Mahesh Shah accepted this offer to get the commission so that he can take away his wife in the USA for better treatment.

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