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It is not a secret that the status of women in Arvind Kejriwal led AAP is quite demeaning. Kejriwal didn’t care giving the ministerial responsibility to any women in his second term. He was also alleged to have instructed an AAP volunteer to compromise when she complained about sexual molestation. The young volunteer had committed suicide. And, now, the case of Sandeep Kumar will keep on haunting him for long.

Sandeep Kumar was the Women and Child Welfare minister to the Delhi Government led by Arvind Kejriwal. A person holding this sensitive portfolio turned out to be a sex predator is shocking. Kejriwal removed him and said that he betrayed the ‘movement’. He further added that he was unaware of the immoral activities of Sandeep Kumar and it is not possible to judge the nature of a person even if you have spent years with him. And, it is the same Kejriwal, who can abuse any person without having a single person meeting.

AAP Sex MMS Scandal

The MMS in question is quite old. The setting and the background images of the video indicates that at that time Sandeep Kumar was just a normal person. He shot the video himself. This may be immoral activity, but there should not be any big problem for a common man as the sex was consensual. However, the woman in the video has come forward and complained about rape. She said that Sandeep had added drugs in the cold drink. Her claim may not be true as in the entire video she seems to be enjoying the sexual acts without being under the influence of drugs.

However, the problem is his relationship with more than one woman. Further, there were also some images where he is seen in compromising position with different girl.

Sandeep Kumar is married to a beautiful wife. One feels sorry for the lady whose world crippled in an instant. His wife, Ritu Verma, has strongly supported Sandeep and called all these things a plain case of conspirace. Sandeep had once said that he touches the feet of his wife every morning.

Even more shocking was Sandeep Kumar short interview with news channels after he was dismissed from the cabinet. He played the Dalit card. Isn’t he demeaning the Dalit revolution going on in India? He should know that he is being targeted for being a pervert, not because of being a dalit.

And, what about the promise of special commando in Delhi to make women feel safe? No commando can save women when sexual predators are working as a minister in the Kejriwal government.

By the way, if you want to see the video, click on the following link. 

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