Narendra Modi and a Dreaded Gangster of Bihar

Tiranga Yatra is a very good concept for not only showing the love for the nation but ignite the fire of nationalism among youths. The open support of this project of Anurag Thakur led BJYM by the Prime Minister of India has given credibility and necessary media coverage to it. In this time of Kashmir crisis, this sort of open display of love for the nation is required.

However, what if the Prime Minister tweets picture of Tiranga Yatra being led by criminal charged with massacre of innocents and having cases of more than 100 murder against him.

Narendra Modi and Akhilesh Singh

Narendra Modi has tweeted a picture from his personal handle @narendramodi praising his ministerial colleague Giriraj Singh for ‘immense enthusiasm’ the later has shown for Tiranga Yatra.

Well, we are not talking about Giriraj Singh here. There is no denying that he is a corrupt politician and has got berth in the ministry just because the state BJP can’t recommend any other Bhumihar face. Giriraj Singh also thinks that people who are not supporter of Narendra Modi are indirectly aligning with Pakistan. He needs to learn the definition of democracy.

But, here my main concern is another man in the picture tweeted by the Prime Minister; that is Akhilesh Singh.

Akhilesh Singh (White Shirt Before Giriraj Singh)

Akhilesh Singh has been involved in many massacres and murders. He is currently out on the bail and his wife Aruna Devi is the MLA of BJP from Warisaliganj constituency.

Prime Minister may not be aware of the fact that the picture he is sharing with millions of people also features a cruel murderer. But, he must be aware of the fact that Giriraj Singh is someone who loves the company of unwanted social elements and hence he should apply caution while sharing something related to Giriraj Singh.

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