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Roop Mantra Cream: Review, Side Effects, Effects and Dosage

Room Mantra Ayurvedic Cream is the latest entry into the highly competitive Indian beauty herbal products market. It is manufactured and marketed by well-Known Kesh King. By using its established marketing channels and some sharp advertising campaigns, this cream has made a mark in the Indian market in a very short span of time.

The success of any product can’t hold for long just because of marketing campaign. The case is same with Roop Mantra. There must be something innovative if this cream is successfully increasing its market share. And, that is what its USP.

Roop Mantra claims to heal pimples, acne, boils and different type of scars. Apart from that it also promises to give flawless, radiant and beautiful facial skin. It means you are going to enjoy lots of benefits with just one product.

Review of Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cream

I bought Roop Mantra from a cosmetic store. I had very little expectation and just decided to give it a try after seeing the list of ingredients. It contains lots of useful herbs which are widely known in the Indian subcontinent.

It comes in a yellow pack and the color of the cream is light pink (overall whitish). I observed that the cream is little bit thick. And hence, users are expected to evenly apply on the facial skin while rubbing the area gently, resulting in thorough absorption of the cream. After using this cream just for one week, I observed that my face looks little bit fairer. I must mention here that by fairer I don’t mean whiter. It is about the glow of the facial skin.

Oily and Dry Skin

Roop Mantra is quite good if you are having oily skin. It can control oil for few hours – up to 6 hours, which can be considered perfect. It may not be a perfect companion for dry skin as you may need to use a good moisturizer after some time.


Following are the main ingredients of Roop Mantra:

-         Aloe Vera
-         Tulsi
-         Haldi
-         Mulethi
-         Lemon
-         Apple
-         Neem
-         Sandal, and few more herbal stuffs.

Why You should Use Roop Mantra

-         It is inexpensive compared to majority of cream in the market in the same sector.

-         It is quite easy to use. All you are required to do is to go for gentle massaging and it will be evenly absorbed by the skin.

-         It is not only good for controlling pimples and acne, but it will also cure any subsequent pimple marks.

-         It quickly gives glowing skin and removes all sorts of dark spots/circles.

-         It is recommended for oily and combined form of skin.

-         It is made with 100% herbal products and hence doesn’t lead to any side effects – short term or long term.

Why you may not consider using it

-         It is not recommended for dry skin

-         It is not as such a get white skin. It does give little bit of fairness, without changing the complexion.

-         The cream is quite thick.

In the end, I will highly recommend Roop Mantra to those people who are looking for getting rid of lots of facial skin problems like dark spots, acne,  pimple breakouts and boils, among others.

Price of Roop Mantra

Roop Mantra is available in a 30 gm pack and priced at Rs. 87 per pack.

How to Use

As I have mentioned above, you are required to use it gently over your entire face. Give gentle massage until the entire cream is absorbed by the skin. Further, you should always ensure to wash your face properly before using it.

Use it twice a day – morning and before going to bed – for better results.


  1. after i started using roop mantra face wash getting some marks on my face, please suggest.
    when using only cream i dint get any side effects and it was gud but when strated using even face wash getting pimple on face, please suggest.

  2. How many days use this product

  3. Anonymous3:43 AM

    it is useful for my skin
    after using this cream it gives me positive results
    thank you roopmntraa

  4. How do bleave me? that this cream d working on my face.

  5. Yes. Muze bhi is cream se koi fayada nahi hua. Aur ye cream jayada strong hai.

  6. It can actually spoil our face.

  7. Hi.,
    Roop mantra kab our kaise lagana & side effect hai kya bato plz need help me

  8. don't apply anything with counsalting a dermatologist

  9. i dint get any result my skin dark only

  10. when I started using this cream,small pimples started to breakout ,I thought that these will be recovered by the cream but I got many pimples on my face and I didn't get any cure for it ,my skin is still acne scar prone since that day ( about 3 months) I got negative results....

    1. Yes I too get so many pimples after using this cream

    2. I also get negative results roopa mantra soap is also use less

  11. i am using this product in last three month it doesnot give any huge occur pimple on face.

  12. Its really good for skin

  13. I am using roop mantra since 1 week. i am happy for my dark spots which has diminished a lot from the day i am using this cream. Before this i was very fed up of my pimples and dark spot. As i was also trying all natural things to get rid of this problem but didn't get the solution to get rid of dark spots in such a short span of time. Now i think i have got at least price worth product which has made me effortless.

    1. Hey does it seriously work?

  14. it is a good cream and also good for removes pimples from my skin.

  15. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Guys it's a tested n used by me so sharing with u .u don't need cream for scars n glow. Make paste to get rid of pimples n scars mix tulsi leaves neem keaves( if available),turmeric,lemon juice,honey apply on face leave till it 2 week.For glow n removal of facial hair mix egg white ,cornflour 1 spoon,sugar crystals 1 spoon mix n apply after drying wipe the pack opposite the growth of hair.You wil definitely c 3 share the result.also if u want good herbal cream try patanjali anti wrinkle cream.thanx.

  16. I am using roop mantra facewash nd cream..from last 3 months...
    I felt 80% positive change in face skin..
    It is useful.

  17. nice blog
    thanks for sharing information.
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  18. During pregnancy roopmanta capsule having any side effects?

  19. During pregnancy roopmanta capsule having any side effects?

  20. I am using roop mantra facewash nd cream..from last 3 months...
    I got good Result...

  21. It is suitable fr sensetive skin???please give me the answer fast

  22. I am using roop mantra cream its best for pimple and dark spot. I got good result from this.Its an Ayurvedic product so No side effect. If anyone has skin problem they should use it..

    1. Roop mantra cream have side effect on non white skin

  23. How many days use the cream plz tell me

  24. my skin is gtting black after using this

  25. my skin is gtting black after using this

  26. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Mera dark color h kya mai ese use karu to savla ho jaunga

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

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