Nandini KR, IAS: Interesting Facts

English has always been the preferred medium in the UPSC. In this context, it is heartening to note that UPSC Civil Services Examination 2016 topper Ms. Nandini KR appeared in examination in Kannada. She also took Kannada as her optional subject in the Mains Examination. The third topper also wrote Mains Examination in Telugu.
The hegemony of English needs to be broken at the highest level. The Government of India has always shown worst kind of attitude towards Hindi and other scheduled languages of India. It is high time when students took upon themselves to break the barrier.

Nandini KR could have given examination in English. She has done Engineering from M S Ramaiya Institute with Civil Engineering. Needless to say, English was her medium of study during Engineering. She is, in fact, quite comfortable in English. Yet, she decided to appear in the UPSC CSE with Kannada shows confidence and guts.
Not only people of Karnataka, but entire India who wants to preserve the linguistic diversity of the nation, salute her for this endeavor.

Coaching Class of Nandini KR

Nandini was working with PWD department of Karnataka. She was also preparing for Civil Services. However, she couldn’t crack it in her first two attempts. She decided to quit job. She went to Delhi for exhaustive preparation. She joined Vajiram and Ravi Coaching Institute, Rajendra Nagar.

What was her medium during this phase? It was English. She used to stay in a hostel near her coaching institute. Obviously, she is also comfortable in Hindi.

In this context, it seems to be a brave decision on the part of Nandini. She will be remembered for years to come not only for being the topper, but also for upholding the sanctity of Kannada Language.

We all wish Nandini a bright future as an IAS officer.

Some Interesting Facts about Nandini KR

  • Nandini is an Engineering Graduate from a private college. This is the first time that someone from a private engineering college becomes the topper of UPSC CSE.
  • Nandini is from Kolar Gold Fields. Her family still stays in the village.
  • Nandini took coaching from Vajiram and Ravi, Delhi.
  • This was Nandini KR fourth attempt.
  • Nandini is an OBC by caste.
  • At this juncture, Nandini KR’s age is 27 years.

Sunanda Pushkar: Profile, Husbands, Son and Murder

Sunanda Pushkar remained an enigma for Indians even after her death. There are hundreds of unanswered questions about her. Even her death is still considered mysterious after three long years. She was a bright spot on the stupendous success story of Shashi Tharoor. However, her death left a deep scar on the personality of Mr. Tharoor. There are many who firmly believe that Shashi Tharoor was directly involved in the death of Sunanda and that her ending was a cold blooded murder rather than a suicide case.

Profile of Sunanda Pushkar

Sunanda was born on 27th June, 1962. She belongs to a Kashmiri Pandit family. Her father Mr. Pushkar Dass was a Lt. Colonel in the Indian Army. She had seen the rise of militancy very closely. Her family somehow survived the attack on her home and fled to Jammu in 1990.

Sunanda had studied from the prestigious Government’s Women College, Srinagar. This was one of the best colleges for women in India till 1990s until militants ruined the educational environment of the beautiful city. She was also the President of her College.

Husbands of Sunanda Pushkar

While studying in college, she met a handsome guy named Sanjay Raina, who was also a Kashmri Pandit and was a Hotel Management Graduate. They got married in 1986. However, just after two years, Sunanda decided to come out of that marriage because of some serious personal issue. The divorce had broken her. At that time, her brother who was working in Dubai asked her to come there with a job offer. Sunanda went Dubai in 1989 and started an Event Mangement business. That was a success and very soon Sunanda became a popular name in the powerful circle of Arab world and India. She had organized many successful model shows. She met Sujith Menon while working on a project and they fell for each other. Sunanda and Sujith got married in 1991 and the couple had a son.

Sujith returned to Indian after few years and died in a road accident in 1997. Sunanda continued to run her businesses from Dubai. However, she had already become a member of powerful circle of Lutyen’s circle.

Sunanda met Shashi Tharoor in 2009. At that time, both of them were single after getting married twice. Shashi Tharoor had become a popular name in India because of his attempt to become the Security General of the UN. They started to see each other and decided to get married once Shashi Tharoor became an MP.

Was Sunanda Murdered?

Sunanda had posted some tweets of Mehr Tarar, a Pakistani journalist, on Shashi Tharoor Twitter handle. She openly told that Mehr is stalking her husband. She further stated that Mehr is an ISI agent. The episode happened on January 15th, 2014.

Sunanda was found dead on 17th January, 2014. Obviously, the name of Shashi Tharoor and Mehr Tarar figured in the investigation. Mr. Tharoor was a minister at that time and he was living in a suite in Leela Hotel with Sunanda. He was attending a program in Tal Katora Stadium and returned hotel in the evening only to find Sunanda dead. Delhi Police initially termed it as a suicide. However, AIIMS doctor who had done autopsy alleged that he was pressurized to term the death as a suicide. An FIR was registered by Delhi Police in 2015 terming it a murder.

There are also some startling revelations coming out. Arnab Goswami led Republic TV has shown that Shashi Tharoor was constantly in touch with his right hand man Narayan and giving instructions about Sunanda. Further, there are some proofs which say that Shashi had also come to the hotel in the middle of the event at Tal Katora Stadium. But, the most shocking stuff is the fact that Sunanda body was taken to Room Number 345 from 307. It means she died or murdered in 307 and later her body was taken to a different room so that the environment of suicide can be created at ease.

Modi Government is reluctant to let CBI investigate this case. It is very unlikely that Sunanda Pushkar will ever get justice. 

Oppo, Vivo and One Plus are Owned by Same Company

Chinese mobile companies have seen increasing market share in the Indian smart phone market. Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are among top five selling brands in India. Other Chinese brands in the reckoning are Lenovo, One Plus, Huvaie and LeEco. Of these, Oppo and Vivo are having great success since last one year. They are also going out for carpet bombing when it comes to marketing. You can see advertisements of these two companies on almost every television programs in all languages in India. It seems Oppo and Vivo are fighting a serious battle because both of them are luring customers on the same pattern – camera.

Along with Oppo and Vivo, there is One Plus which is for high end customers. One Plus has also got niche market share, but this brand doesn’t seem to be in direct competition with Oppo or Vivo because of different pricing points.

Who Owns Oppo, Vivo and One Plus?

You are well aware of the fact that Oppo, Vivo and One Plus are Chinese brands. But, do you know the parent company. OK. Let me tell you.

The parent company of all these three smart phone brands is BBK Electronics.

Yes, you read it rightly.

These three brands are owned by the same Chinese companies. The battle you see between Oppo and Vivo is fake and has been designed to check mate users who are planning to buy a smart phone in the Rs. 10,000 – 15,000 price range. You may be left with very few options because of heavy marketing campaign.

It must be mentioned here that BBK Electronics also follows the same marketing technique in other market also, including in China. However, they are not so successful in China as in India. That is why they have opened four manufacturing plants in India to satisfy huge demand. One Plus, which is also owned by the same company, is not manufactured in India. Rather it is manufactured in China and exported to India.
To make it short, both One Plus and Vivo are wholly owned subsidiaries of Oppo, which in turn is owned by BBK Electronics.

Hidma: Profile, Family and Naxal Movement

Hidma has emerged one of the biggest threats to the internal security of India. He is the battalion commandar of the Arms Wing of dreaded CPI – Maoists and is widely believed to be behind many dare devil attacks on Indian para military forces. He was recently in news for leading a group on around 300 Maoists near Chinta Gupha in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh killing 25 CRPF personnels.

Profile of Hidma

Hidma was born and brought up in Purvati Village of Jagargunda in the Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. His real name is still not known to security agencies. He is being named as Madvi Hidma or Hidamanna or Hidmalu or Santosh. He maintains so much secrecy that even his real age is not known. Some media reports call him a 25 years old guy. But, it is very unlikely that he is so young as his name had also featured in the grusome killing of 76 CRPF personnels in 2010. As per government records, he is 49 years old. This age seems correct.

Similarly, the family life of Hidma is not known. No one stays at his home in Purvati Village. His villagers say that he was married, but had killed his wife when she resisted him torturing innocent tribals of Bastar region. After killing his wife, he is believed to have made sexual relationship with hundreds of tribal women. His ideology doesn’t understand love. For him, the body is just about having sex.

The government has already announced reward of Rs. 40 lakhs on him.

Obviously, it is not going to be easy to catch or kill Hidma. He has already killed his wife and there is no family life for him. He is a cruel monster whose only aim is to destabilize the Indian democracy. He is making millions of money by extorting money from industrialists and contractors working in his areas. It will be interesting to see how the Government of India kill him.

Love Kumar, IPS: Profile, Wife and Family

Love Kumar is a brave Indian Police Service (IPS) officer of Uttar Pradesh Cader. He belongs to 2004 batch of IPS. In more than one decade of career in the UP Police, Mr. Love Kumar is regarded as a no – nonsense officer who always try to make a positive impact on the life of common citizens with proactive and humane policing.

Profile of Love Kumar

Love Kumar is basically from Uttar Pradesh. He has done B. Sc. and decided to go for UPSC Civil Services preparation. He had shifted in Delhi in 2002 and took admission in a coaching institute located at Mukerjee Nagar. He cracked UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2003. Unfortunately, his rank was not good enough to fetch him his first choice of services – Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He settled with IPS. The rooster system also ensured him home cader – UP.

Love Kumar has been posted in many districts of UP in various responsibilities. Some of his postings, like that of in Gorakhpur and Aligarh have been quite successful and became an example for future police personnel to follow.

Love Kumar is presently posted in Saharanpur as SSP. He was in news recently for thwarting an attempt by Muslims and Hindus to go for riot. His own official home was attacked by Dalits alleging that he had sided with Muslims. However, the truth lies somewhere else. Love Kumar actually made it possible that no untoward incident happened.

Wife of Love Kumar

Love Kumar is married to Shakti Dolly. The couple has one daughter and one son. His family was recently in news for her allegation of attack on the SSP residence by Dalits led by BJP MP Raghav Lakhpal. However, Lakhpal has said that he went to the residence to make a complaint and some of his followers raised slogans against Love Kumar. He has vehemently denied any of her allegations.

Caste of Yogi Adityanath

The selection of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh surprised even ardent fan of BJP. Everyone admits that Yogi commands largest number of pro – Right followers in UP, but his personality was not considered suitable for being at the helm. UP is crucial for Modi, if he wants to retain power in 2019 and hence the selection of Chief Minister had become a matter of great interest. It can be said that Modi as a politician has gone for another master stroke which may help him in the entire Northern Belt of India in 2019 Lok Sabha election.

BJP has decided to respect the sentiment of the people rather than following the dictums of media personalities and armchair political analysts.

Caste of Yogi Adityanath

If you ask any BJP supporters about the caste of Yogi, you are like to get a plain answer that he is the first CASTELESS Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. But, Indian politics in general and UP politics in particular is not so simple. Even if there is overall Hindu consolidation, the caste factor needs to be taken care of.

There is also no denying that Thakur in UP has wholeheartedly supported BJP in 2017 Assembly Election. The reason was varied, but the main point was Daya Shankar Singh idiotic statement about Mayawati and heinous crime by BSP supporters against his family. It is because of this fact that many were expecting BJP to name a Thakur as the CM candidate. And, hence, Rajnath Singh was projected to be there. But, Modi – Shah was having different mind. There was also an issue of powerful support for the party by non – Yadav OBC and hence there was demand to give the coveted chair to a person belonging to this group, like Keshav Prasad Maurya.

In the end, it is Yogi Adityanath. Is he casteless? No. Yogi may never say anything about his caste, but he is also colored in a caste goggle.

By caste Yogi Adityanath is a Thakur (Rajput). He is basically from Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. His real name is Ajay Singh.

So, BJP despite going for a Yogi has kept an eye on the caste factor also and elevated a Thakur as the CM.

It should also be noted that there are many reports where Yogi Adityanath is accused of giving free hand to Thakur in Gorakhpur. Majority of hardline members of his Hindu Yuva Vahini are also Thakurs.

It will be interesting to see whether Yogi Adityanath remained casteless in the public forum or will he decide to identify himself with a caste like Modi who in his later years started to give his identification as an OBC leader.

Ginni Chatrath: Profile, Age, Height, Education and Love Story with Kapil Sharma

If sense of humor is one of the most sought after attribute by girls in their prospective life partners, then Kapil Sharma is going to rule the heart in India. He is the man who is tickling the funny bones of Indians since last four years. He is undoubtedly the comedy king. He has become so powerful that once a single tweet by him to the Prime Minister of India created a sort of havoc among BJP supporters on social media platforms.

Kapil Sharma is one of the most eligible bachelors of India. However, that tag has lost. He is no more a bachelor. The comedian decided to go public with her personal life on Twitter and posted a photograph declaring that he is in deep love with a girl. That lovely girl is Ginni Chatrath who is going to break the heart of millions of teenage girls in India. Taking a step forward, Kapil declared that he is now married to Ginni.

Profile of Ginni Chatrath

Ginni Chatrath is born and brought up in Jalandhar. Kapil Sharma is also a Punjabi ‘munda’. The real name of Ginni is Bhavneet Chatrath.

Kapil and Ginni had worked together in a laughter show named Hans Baliye. That show was judged by Karishma Kapoor and David Dhawan. Kapil got attracted to Ginni during those days. After completion of the program, he proposed Ginni and the proposal was instantly accepted. However, the couple decided to keep their relationship in wraps and focus on their career.

Ginni Chatrath has now involved in her family business. Despite getting numerous offers, she is not inclined to work in reality shows or even Punjabi films.