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Shazia Ilmi: Profile, Husband, Age and Family

Shazia Ilmi is an Indian politician and social worker. She is a core member of Delhi BJP. She is also in the board of various PSUs. Being a Muslim lady with modern outlook, she started her career as a flamboyant journalist. After working as a journalist for around 15 years, she left and gave her full time to anti corruption crusade of Anna Hazaare. She was one of the founding members of Arvind Kejriwal led AAP. She fought 2013 Delhi Assembly Election and 2014 Lok Sabha Election and lost both contests. She switched to the BJP just before 2015 Assembly Election. That can be termed as a political suicide for her as Arvind Kerjiwal swept Delhi Assembly Election in a historical manner. Had she been with AAP, she would have been a minister in Delhi. Also, she would have been the woman face of the party as she is far much better in public discourse than Alka Lamba.

Shazia Ilmi belongs to one of the most politically influential families of Uttar Pradesh. Her family has close links with Congres…
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Miraya Vadra: Profile, Wiki, Boyfriend and School Details

Miraya Vadra is one of the most followed kids of India. Being the daughter of Priyanka Gandhi makes her different. Her every action is keenly watched. Media persons always want to take a short interview of her. That can become sensational. However, she has remained away from all lime light. Miraya has been successfully kept away from media glare. Her parents, family and school do everything to keep cameras away from her. She is also not on any social media platforms. Her mother Priyanka Gandhi understands the threat she may have to bear.

Miraya is seen on public forum only when she goes to Delhi to pay homage to her Nanu Rajiv Gandhi. This is the only time – once a year on 20th August, she is seen attending any public functions. Following is the brief bio and wiki of Miraya Vadra: ......................................... Real Name: Miraya Vadra ......................................... Nick Name: Pihu ......................................... Profession: Student ..............................…

Tina Dabi, IAS: Profile, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Husband and Family

Tina Dabi made history by becoming the first Scheduled Caste (and also the first SC Woman) to get the first rank in the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination. She is a 2016 batch IAS officer of Rajasthan Cadre. She had preferred Haryana as her intention was to work for the women empowerment. Unfortunately, the prevailing rooster system of cadre allocation didn’t let her go to Haryana.

The miraculous success of Tina Dabi has also created a sort of controversy. People accused her of using reservation to get there. That she was entitled to get reservation was never in doubt. But, the accusation was about her privileged status – both of her parents are highly educated and one of them is GM of BSNL. However, it is also a matter of fact that she had scored really well in the Mains Examination which clearly showed that the lady has stamina and prowess to be there at the top.
Tina Dabi has become a sort of folklore. She is a beacon of hope for Indian girls belonging to SC and ST category…

Dr. Kafeel Khan: Wiki, Bio, Wife, Family and Net Asset

Dr. Kafeel Mohammed Khan who was hailed as a hero during the heart wrenching tragedy at BRD Hospital, Gorakhpur, is turning out to be a big fraud. More and more heinous crimes committed by him are coming to the fore. He has already been suspended for dereliction to duty. He was in charge of the AES and pediatric department. He was responsible to ensure uninterrupted supply of Oxygen. He was also a member of the purchase committee and was fully aware of the sword hanging on the supply. In spite of getting funds, he along with the former Principal Mr. Rajiv Mishra, didn’t proceed to make payment to the Oxygen cylinder supplier.

Dr. Kafeel Khan is also running a private hospital. The hospital – Medispring – is in the name of his wife. But, all hoardings, boards, calendars and prescription slip carries the name of Dr. kafeel Ahmed/Khan.
Running a private hospital while being a permanent doctor at the Government hospital is not new in India. Almost all big names in this profession are doing…

Esha Gupta: Profile, Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, Family and Educational Details

Esha Gupta is the most sizzling Indian actress in the contemporary times. She is burning the silver screen with her sensuous and highly explosive physical beauty. Apart from never shying away from exposing her body, she is also known for being a very good actor with powerful dialogue delivery skills.
Esha is a beauty queen who has been recognized and admired for around one decade. She first came to limelight when she was the 2nd runner up in the Femina Miss India Contest and went on to represent the country for Miss International Beauty Pageant in 2007. She was also featured in highly explosive Kingfisher Calendar.

Esha is not only garnering attention for her beauty and acting skills. She is also a very learned person. In fact, you will hardly find any Indian actress with such a massive educational qualification. Only Amisha Patel could match her educational credentials.

Following is bio details of Esha Gupta:
......................................... Real Name: Easha Gupta .............…

Sambhaji Raje and Maratha Kranti Morcha

Sambhaji Raje is a descendant of the Royal Family of Kolhapur. He is quite popular among the Maratha community of Maharashtra. He has projected himself as the biggest Maratha leader. He is also eyeing to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.
Sambhaji Raje has turned a silent and highly disciplined Maratha protest into a panic creating and disruptive movement for reservation. After the brutal rape and murder of a teen girl in Kopardi, the Maratha community started to mobilize. The girl was a Maratha. The community formed Maratha Kranti Morcha.

This Morcha started silent protests throughout Maharashtra. These protests were remarkable for being highly disciplined. They were asking for strict punishment for the culprit who had raped and killed a little girl in Kopardi.
The silent protest by Maratha Kranti Morcha also led to social awareness. They were calling out parents to teach boys how to respect women. This protest is unique in the sense in India because of its approach to cleanlin…

Ayesha Ahad: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Age and Hamza Relationship

Ayesha Ahad is the new woman who is on the front to dismantle the political aura of a politician in Pakistan. This is not the first time when she has come out with startling allegations against Sharif family. However, this time, she was accompanied by prominent women PTI politicians. The attempt was to neutralize the damage created by Ayesha Gulalai. PTI couldn’t find any better option than Ms. Ahad, not only just because she shares the same first name with Ms. Gulalai.

In 2011, Ayesha was arrested for kidnapping a Filipino maid. That arrest made national news because Ayesha belongs to a very influential family. Her father, Ahad Malik, is not only a politician (PML – N and later PML – Q), but also was a very successful businessman. Before this event, a multistory building of the Ahad family came into the controversy.
At that time, Ms. Ahad had alleged that she is wife of Hamza Shahbaz. As you might know, Hamza is an MNA as well as the son of Shahbaz Sharif. When she alleged that Hamza i…