Dileep and Bhavana Kidnapping: Truth Vs. Hype

The daylight kidnapping and sexual molestation of Malayalam film superstar Bhavana has shocked entire India. Six people had abducted her at a traffic signal when she was returning back from a film shoot. They forcibly entered the car and remained in the car for around two hours. They molested Bhavana and also clicked some photos of her. They had also made a video of Bhavana getting molested by these morons.

Molesters have now been identified and few of them have already been arrested. The kingpin of this incident is still at large, though. His name is Sunil Kumar and he had worked with Bhavana as a driver. Bhavana had fired him and it is said that he revenge the job loss by this crime act.

Dileep and Bhavana

People are finding it really tough to believe that a former driver can revenge in this manner just for getting fired. Obviously, police are also not able to give any credible response. Their main focus is to somehow catch Sunil Kumar who in turn may spill the bin.

Lots of conspiracy theories are also going around. One of them is that superstar Dileep is behind this kidnapping.

That relationship between Dileep and Bhavana is not good is a known fact. Dileep had, in fact, not invited Bhavana for his marriage with Kavya few months back. Bhavana had also uttered lots of acidic statements against Dileep. Their rivalry was more than just professional. It was and is personal also. In the same vein, we can say that the attempt by Social Media users to name Dileep in this kidnapping episode of Bhavana is a criminal act. Dileep must take these people to the court.

As of now, Dileep is silent and has not made any statement about this allegation. On his part, he is trying his level best to show solidarity with Bhavana. He seems to have forgotten everything and trying to stand with Bhavana who is going through very tough times.

It should also be noted here that a fan of actor Dileep named Riyas Khan was violently trolled on social media websites. When Kochi police released the sketch of Sunil Kumar, many find that the criminal has resemblance with Riyas Khan. Some went to the extent of claiming that Riyas Khan is the main culprit. That Riyas Khan is the Chairman of Dileep Fan Club, gave these narrow minded social media users a chance to say that Dileep was involved in this kidnapping and sexual molestation case.

Needless to say, Riyas Khan is also innocent and he must also take legal action against some online portal as well as against some social media users.