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Bushra Maneka: Profile, Wiki, Husband, Family and Imran Khan

Followers of Imran Khan have literally stopped counting the number of women with whom their favorite leader has been linked to. There have been innumerable women who entered the life of PTI leader get fucked up and left. The latest victim of this sexual pervert – cum – cricketer – cum – politician is a spiritual healer and mother of five, named Bushra Maneka. 

Officially, Bushra is the third wife of Imran. And, she is going to become the third woman whom he had left through legal divorce. The sign is already there. Bushra has left PTI leader house. The issue is the pet dog. 

Few months back, Imran had tried to get laid with Ayesha Gulalai. That attempt was unsuccessful. He forgot her and started working for his next target. He found Bushra Maneka.
The news of Imran Khan’s marriage with Bushra came in the first week of 2018. However, PTI quickly refuted the marriage information. The party issued a statement and said that Imran Khan has only proposed Bushra who has asked for little bit of…
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Asharam Bapu: Caste and Wife

Asharam is a convicted rapist masquerading as a spiritual guru. The lower court has already convicted him. His son also involved in many rape and fraud cases.

The downfall of Asharam, who once was among the most followed self styled godmen of India, is quite interesting. Millions of his supporters are still not able to digest this conviction. Fortunately, they didn’t go for rampage like that of Ram Rahim followers.
Caste of Asharam BapuThat Asharam happens to be a Hindu is no secret. But, what about his caste? Asharam Bapu is a Sindhi by caste.
The real name of Asharam is Asumal Sirumalani. In his biography, another name is also mentioned – Asumal Thaumal Harpalani. The family had migrated from Pakistan. Many of his family members were killed by Muslims.
Wife of Asharam BapuAsharam is married to Laxmi Devi.
The marriage happened before he became a saint. He was taking care of the coal business of his father when he tied the knot with Laxmi Devi.
Asharam has two children – one son and one da…

Ratna Prabha, IAS: Profile, Family, Husband and Caste

Ratna Prabha is a 1981 batch IAS officer of Karnataka cadre. She is the current Chief Secretary of Karnataka – the third woman CS of the state. Ratna was appointed till March, 2018, however, the Government has extended her service till June 30, 2018 in view of the Assembly Election.

Ratna Prabha has always been regarded as an honest officer with a desire to travel extra miles to help people in need. She has implemented pro – poor government programs and policies with utmost sincerity.
Ratna started her career as Assistant Commissioner of Bidar in 1983. Interestingly, she remained the most popular administrative face of Bidar.
Following is the brief wiki and biography of Ratna Prabha:
Real Name: Ratna Prabha K ………………………………… Nick Name: Ratna/ Rockstar Ratna …………………………………
Date of Birth: 13th March, 1958 ………………………………… Age:  60 Years …………………………………
Father:  K. Chandraiah. He was also an IAS officer (promoted from state service). He had served as the DM of Hyderabad. The elder brother of Ratna is Prad…